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Concept & Target Groups

The Pacific Coatings Show gives the South-East-Asian coatings industry its own unique business platform based on the world-leading concept of the European Coatings Show.

Coating raw materials

Binders | Solvents | Pigments | Fillers | Additives

Intermediates for construction chemicals

Raw materials | Additives and admixtures


Plant and machinery for painting, enamelling | Complete spray systems for painting, enamelling | Drying and curing plant | Other application equipment

Printing ink raw materials

Binders | Solvents | Pigments and dyes | Additives

Laboratory annd production equipment

Mixers | Extruders, kneaders | Mills, triple roller mills and accessoires | Engineering | Filters and filtrations | Pumps | Metering devices, balances | Conveying systems | Filling systems | Packaging | Labelling machines | Logistics | Tinting systems | Screening machines and sintering plants | Coolers | Pipe technology

Environmental protection and safety at work

Occupational safety | Container washing equipment | Emission treatment | Effluent treatment | Solvent recycling | Other environmental protection and safety at work

Adhesive raw materials

Polymers | Polymer dispersions | Monomers | Resins, tackifiers | Fillers | Solvents | Plasticizers / oils | Additives | Waxes

Testing and measuring equipment

Quality control and laboratory testing equipment | Production and process control | Other testing and measuring equipment


Software, hardware | E-Commerce | Training and education | Technical information and publication | Consultancy | Research & Development | Contract manufacturing | Other services

Visitor Target Groups

The products and services will find application in paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants for the following industries:


shipbuilding, aviation, processing industry, electrical industry, industrial machinery, construction, furniture industry, printing, oil, gas and petrochemicals industry, wind power, renewable energies, plastics and packaging industry and others.

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