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Knowledge Transfer at the Pacific Coatings Show

The Pacific Coatings Show is the place where you can obtain the latest knowledge on all relevant topics of the coatings industry, meet international experts and solve your personal concerns in direct conversations. Pease feel free to familiarise yourself with our wide-ranging programme.

Why you should attend

Find out about the latest research results from academia and industry. Be among the first to know.

Learn from the brightest and best in coatings technology as they present their ideas and insights.

Interact with potential new business partners and like-minded coatings experts.

Exchange views in numerous discussion groups on what moves or hinders you in your daily business.

Attend the Pacific Coatings Show Conference and embrace a world of new ideas and new technologies.

Pacific Coatings Show Conference

Bright minds to meet in Jakarta

The paints and coatings industry is facing great changes at the moment: from the move to more sustainable solutions to raw material prices to legislation. The Pacific Coatings Show offers you the opportunity to meet your peers and learn more about the latest technical innovations in the coatings sector. In addition to the show, the Pacific Coatings Show 2023 also offers a conference that all visitors are welcome to attend. At the conference, you can expect two full days of technical presentations from coatings experts from Asia and Europe. Another highlight is the Short Courses, which will take place on all three days of the event and will give you an overview of the state of the art in seven key areas.

Sustainability is one of the biggest topics in the coatings industry and one the first day there will be a focus on this key area, with many presentations on bio-based solutions. The second day will cover new developments in architectural and protective coatings, titanium dioxide, production technology and much more.

On the final day, we will look at the challenges facing the coatings industry now and in the future. Experts will lead short courses on digitalization and AI in the coatings industry, as well as on regulatory challenges in Asia-Pacific and China. Moreover, colour technology will also be covered in a short course.


Short Courses

Up to speed

Part of the Pacific Coatings Show Conference are seven short courses on several key topics in the coatings industry. Experts teach bring the participants up to speed on the state of the art and to refresh what they already know. The short courses are each 90 minutes long and seven key topics are offered: Architectural coatings, environmentally-friendly protective coatings, fire protection, titanium dioxide, colour technology well as legislation and digitalization. Participation is free of charge and all visitors are welcome to attend.


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