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Reasons to visit the Pacific Coatings Show

Free of charge conference with top-notch international speakers

Nowhere else in South-East-Asia will you have the opportunity to experience the who's who of the international coatings industry in a highly professional conference setting, free of charge.

The Pacific Coatings Show Conference hosts a two-day programme of absolute relevance to your coatings business. In addition, we are proud the announce, that the annual meeting of the Asia Paint Industry Council (APIC)hosted by the Indonesian Paint Manufacturers Association (APCI) will take place parallel to the Pacific Coatings Show. The event will bring high level decision makes from the entire Asian Paints & Coatings Industry to the Pacific Coatings Show.

Exclusive and personal knowledge transfer

In addition to the wide-ranging conference programme, you will have the opportunity to take part in the Short Courses at the Pacific Coatings Show free of charge and have your participation confirmed by a certificate.

The speakers present invite you to personally discuss current topics in sessions of 90 minutes and to give concrete answers to your questions.

Pre-arranged Matchmaking

You already know who you want to meet at the Pacific Coatings Show? Share your wishes with us and we will try to secure you a slot in our exhibitors' schedules.

Networking is king!

At the Pacific Coatings Show you will not meet just anyone, but exhibitors, professionals, speakers and other experts with a direct interest in adding value to your business. Solutions and approaches directly related to the latest industry issues and challenges in South-East-Asia are always in focus.

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